Adopting mobile technologies enables competitiveness

April 20th, 2018  by Thomas Ashdown

Thanks to networks and modern means of communication, frontiers and distances no longer exist. In this world, every business needs to provide its employees and commercial partners with secure access to information systems, at any moment and at any place. Today, businesses produce added value wherever their employees are. And those employees can literally be anywhere, as they happen to be more and more mobile. The development of mobile technologies forces them to integrate new tools into their way of working, to make sure they keep their competitive edge.

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According to Aprico Consultants, it doesn’t. Our approach is based on the evolution towards a more open organization, while changing the existing infrastructure to support this new openness. As a matter of fact, Aprico Consultants consider the evolution towards a mobile environment as the logical extension of the company’s existing processes, where mobility adds an extra dimension. This evolution takes place through communication and the integration of different types of platforms. With their Mobile Enterprise strategy, Aprico Consultants aim at helping businesses innovate and rethink their processes, enabling them to open up these processes for the mobile world. We share the experience we built across numerous projects. Our customers benefit from best practices, new technologies and organizational models, allowing us to offer tailor-made transition and support every customer’s digital transformation. To achieve that goal, Aprico Consultants built a service offering that covers both competence outsourcing and tailor-made application development. It’s our creed to listen to the customer’s needs, build pragmatic solutions and offer consistent support throughout the entire digital transformation. Aprico Consultants always work in the interest of their customers and resent the idea of IT development for the sake of development. More specifically, we believe that the key to the successful implementation of a mobile strategy is how to reconcile the objectives of a mobile platform (centered around greater customer intimacy) with the objectives of running efficient IT operations (seamless integration, the ability to execute and track end to end business processes across different platforms, etc). Thankfully, our experience across mobile projects allows us to leverage the use of market-leading mobile technologies and frameworks, and combine them with best-of-breed BPM and integration technologies to maximize efficiency and value. This allows us to develop complex, transactional apps very quickly, and easily integrate them with diverse back-end environments. As a company immersed in IT excellence, we also look beyond just the marketing advantages of a mobile app. Through automation and the use of DevOps, our solutions are easily maintainable, flexible enough to react to changing business realities, and future-proof. To guarantee a mobile transformation project’s success, Aprico Consultants’ approach is based on three essential concepts – Smart, Lean and Agile – which are applied simultaneously. Smart means that Aprico Consultants really understand the added value of mobile solutions for the organization and that efforts are aimed at setting the right business and economic priorities to make the transformation work. Smart also means that Aprico Consultants work openly and independently, recommending the platforms and technologies that fit the customer’s reality best. Aprico Consultants apply continuous improvement to their Lean approach, enabling them to offer the right resources at the right time and at the best price. Finally, Aprico’s Agile vision combines discipline and permanent collaboration, involving all stakeholders into the development process at the earliest stage, allowing for quick prototyping and frequent testing, while dividing the project into manageable project sections and deliverables. The combination of these three essential rules leads to a shorter time-to-market. It allows for more flexibility and easier maintenance. Aprico Consultants’ method of working results in improved business performance and consequently in a higher level of customer satisfaction.
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