New OpportunitySolution Architect with background in Insurance

Are you a Solution Architect ? Even though the market is crying out for your skills, here’s a unique and dynamic opportunity for you. Whether you’re a freelance or in-house Solution Architect, find out more about the challenging role we have for you.

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Working for Aprico Consultants in one word: Ambition? Passion? Excellence? Development? Fulfilment? Of course. We’re committed to all of that. Just like you, we believe that it’s about quality, rather than quantity. What’s more, you’ll join a community of coaches and consultants who are as motivated as you are.

At Aprico Consultants, we like creative people, pragmatic people and altruistic people; we like dynamic attitudes, zen mindsets, specialist knowledge and general know-how. In short, we like people who want to serve their clients, just like we do. We can’t wait to welcome you as the newest member of the Aprico Family. Does it seem a bit over-the-top to use the word “family”? We don’t think so

Your new role

To guide and support our various project initiatives, we are looking for an experienced solution architect with expert knowledge of data modelling, combined with skills in solution or application architecture.

We are looking for a profile to describe the solution application architecture in a variety of projects. In our day-to-day activities we work closely with the business. We capture the requirements for data analysis, we describe and model data, we design the solution to have a good fit with the requirements, we set-up the solution basis for data analysis and support the business during their analysis.

Here are the details of your role. Are you up to the challenge?

  • Design solution(s) in line with IT strategy and standards 
  • Evaluate products, solutions & tools, run POCs in the Program/projects framework  
  • Come up with a preferred solution / recommendation based on risk assessment, pro/contra, impact  
  • Coordinate between Business and IT stakeholders- Be active member of the Architecture Committee and in RFP process 
  • Audit compliancy of defined Solution during the project implementation phase 
  • Lead, coordinate or participate to Enterprise Architecture Study
  • Contribute in the lessons learned phase 
  • Keep an eye on Technology watch 

What do we expect from you ?

Here’s our wishlist for our ideal candidate:

  • You have proven experience in producing high quality deliverables as Solution Architect
  • You have a University/Bachelor degree.
  • You are fluent in French and English.
  • You have a proven background in Insurance business or equivalent (Financial/Banking)
  • You have experience in Integration in complex applications landscape
  • Knowledge in modern development platforms and integration maters like DevOps or Cloud platform 
  • Autonomous with ability to work in a small team. You will regularly report and share issues or insights with other Solution, Application and Data Architects to build together a common vision and direction. 
  • You must be able to communicate effectively with team members from different horizons (IT project leaders, Development teams, business users,…).
  • Experience in IT Processes, preferably using standard frameworks like ITIL, TOGAF and COBIT.

What Aprico offers

Are you still there? Perfect. Here’s what we offer you:

  • Stimulating projects with major players? It’s a deal.
  • Genuine career support? Absolutely.
  • Information, training, certification? We promise.
  • Coaches and mentors to support and stimulate? That’s right: just for you.
  • A competitive salary package for employees? Of course.
  • Respect for consultants’ fees? Yes, that’s vital.
  • A real partner you can rely on in the consultancy world.
  • A team of experts in architecture to challenge each other 
Aprico's values
Customer focus

We commit to the client and do what it takes to get the job done.


We work in a people business and demand the highest ethical standards of ourselves, personally and professionally.


We apply ourselves successfully in cross- functional teams in a people-friendly environment.


We strive for a quality process with constant improvements.