Custom-tailored application development

Business needs vary and your particular specifications, governance policy or stakeholder requirements may be genuinely unique or complex –making customized development a necessity when no other solution is readily available.

You can work confidently with us in the knowledge that we provide the right advice and ensure flawless, customized, end-to-end execution. We offer deep domain expertise, Agile SCRUM framework and nearshore support. Our tailored software engineering and integration services are built to respond to your unique requirements using best practices to produce the fast, effective results that fit your business perfectly. Application development can be leveraged only if it is performed in the right environment. Our deep expertise in ALM and DevOps helps align IT organizations, resulting in higher efficiency, reduced time to market in application delivery, lower costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Business process applications

When required we can automate the business process in applications that support the business activities’ execution.

Our best-of-class business process applications run seamlessly, meaning stakeholders and end-users get what they need without compromise. We build the engaging applications you need to achieve blazing business agility.

Our BPM platform technologies are ideal for an organization looking to automate processes while strongly reducing development costs in order to gain a competitive edge. Automated processes can then be measured, analysed and optimised to gain even more efficiency.

Workflow and collaboration applications

We will help you create an intelligent connected organization. Our nimble solutions for information sharing and workflow automation contribute to efficient streamlining of business activities and are aimed at boosting productivity and innovation.

Tasks are completed on time to a high standard and perfectly suited to compliance requirements. Information is shared throughout the whole organisation, enabling the right person to take the right decision when required in each case.

Mobile applications

Aprico Consultants delivers native apps making full use of mobile device functionality and cross-platform technologies with platform-specific capabilities –on time and on budget.

Ergonomics and user-experience are always a priority and quality assurance testing is rigorous. We can also develop companion desktop applications for your mobile app.

Data Fabric & Data Management

We implement lightning-fast, fault-tolerant and unified tools to collect, integrate, cleanse, profile, synchronize, visualize and share data.

The result is dramatically improved data accuracy and availability which gives you the power to take advantage of more applications and data resources than ever before as you respond to business needs with speed at limited cost.

Careers opportunities

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