Looking for Excellence?

See how you stack up against our .NET Experts and shoot for Glory!

Looking for Excellence?

Are you looking for the Holy Grail?

Aprico .NET Online Competition 2018

Do you feel ready to challenge the .NET experts of Aprico Consultants ? In that case, challenge yourself and others in our .NET competition, meet other experts and try to win some fantastic prizes.

Aprico Consultants is organising a .NET competition starting the 7th of November. Availability is limited to 150 participants, so be sure to register early. Our .NET experts have designed a test which will challenge your knowledge of the .NET language and assess your ability to solve problems.

Can you measure up?

The competition consists of 2 phases

The competition consists of 2 phases

01The first phase is a technical test made up of 8 questions which have to be solved in 24 minutes maximum. Candidates will be evaluated on how they score, and as a tie breaker, how long they take to complete the test.

02Then, the 50 best contestants will then be invited to participate in phase 2, which will lead them to glory. This second phase, lasting 45 minutes maximum, will consist of more complex technical questions, putting your problem-solving abilities to the test.

The competition consists of 2 phases


Every participant in the .NET competition will win a prize, but we have some special prizes in store for our big winners, with a combined value of more than 5.000 €!

The top prize of our competition will be a Microsoft Surface Pro, the runner-up will win a last-generation Samsung Galaxy phone, and the 3rd place prize will consist of a Mavic Pro 2 drone.

Are you up to the challenge?

How to participate?

Sign up today and up until 150 participants !

After signing up, you will receive a link leading you to the first test. After signing up, you will receive a link leading you to the first test.

The list of the top 50 contestants from phase 1 will be published in early December on our website. They will be informed by email and invited to participate in the final.

End of this year, Aprico will host a closing party for all 50 final participants, during which the winners will be announced, and the prizes awarded. Mr Gill Cleeren will be a guest speaker at this ceremony, and he will entertain all of our guests with a keynote on “Building enterprise mobile applications with Xamarin. Forms, MVVM, Microservices and Docker”.

The competition consists of 2 phases

In other words, this will be “the place to be” for .NET experts of today and tomorrow!

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