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Innovation and Research & Development

Our company specialises in smart digital transformation. We help our clients transform the way they conduct business, by leveraging the power of Information Technology.


Essentially, we are there to advise clients on technology choices which may be relevant to them. Many modern IT tools can help companies accelerate tasks, increase quality, reduce the risk of human error, and automate certain activities. All of this saves money.

But in order to be concise, relevant, and credible on the matter, we need to rely on a strong knowledge and expertise in technology. How can we advocate using a technology if we don’t know its advantages, its limits, its costs? Before we can advise for or against the use of a specific IT product or technology, a lot of time and effort goes into validating its attributes and use cases. This is where our transversal Innovation and Research & Development activities come to life.


Dedicating time and resources to experimentation

At Aprico, Innovation and Research & Development can take many forms. On one hand, Innovation and Research & Development means dedicating time and resources to experimentation. We partner with universities in different countries, giving us the opportunity to teach young developing minds, providing a platform to share knowledge and resources, and creating the right environment to research certain topics together. Through lectures, knowledge sharing, internships, theses and common projects, we are able to leverage those relationships to create value, create ideas, create technology, and become think tanks.

Innovation and Research & Development at Aprico certainly is proprietary, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t take inspiration from others, or even try to improve upon the ideas of others. This is why our definition of Innovation and Research & Development is also monitoring the emergence of new technologies from all over the world, and trying to either improve those technologies, or apply the techniques to new, innovative use cases which have not yet been considered by anyone else.

We firmly believe that before we can have the ambition to “reinvent the wheel”, we must first have a deep and thorough understanding of the technologies which exist today, what they’re good at, and what their limits are. And if we set out to fix some of those limits, we’ll first look at leveraging what already exists, rather than trying to fix problems which have already been solved elsewhere, by others. Sometimes, Innovation and Research & Development is merely getting several bright ideas to work together. Packaging technologies together, and having the foresight to assemble technology blocks which nobody had either thought of assembling, or managed to assemble – this is just as much the definition of Innovation and Research & Development as crating something from scratch is.

These experiences, this desire to look for continuous improvement, and the ambition to continue to solve new problems – this is our definition of Innovation and Research & Development. And this is where we draw our expertise, at its core. It is what allows us to advise clients on new trends, new opportunities, new solutions. It is what gives us credibility as trusted strategic IT advisors. It is what allows us to solve problems that other cannot. It is where Aprico finds its meaning.


Innovation and Research & Development isn’t just an activity – it is in our DNA

We are a company of engineers, built by engineers, for engineers. We don’t shy away from that reality – we embrace it. And it is also what sets us apart.

We have developed a reputation for our willingness to take technical challenges which few others dare touch. We find the confidence to solve those challenges because of Innovation and Research & Development.

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