Aprico goes green!

Aprico goes green!

Nowadays, the need for companies to behave in an environmentally responsible way is widely established.

Carbon free

Given the magnitude of these challenges, it is (high) time to act. As a company included in the economic and social fabric, Aprico Consultants has decided to implement an ambitious and pragmatic strategy in order to reduce its carbon footprint. This environmental responsibility is one of the pillars of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). It is based on a voluntary approach consisting of responsible behaviour towards the economic players, the environment and society. It corresponds to the application, at company level, of the principles of sustainable development and creates the

link between the company and society. It also consists of integrating social and environmental issues into their daily management and their interactions with external players. Consequently, sustainable development in its broadest sense and the environmental approach in particular must be an integral and essential part of our core business.

This approach is part of the will to involve management, employees and commercial partners (customers and suppliers) in this ambitious project.


Act for the

Concerned about the climate issues, Aprico Consultants consulted CO2 Strategy in order to perform its Carbone® Balance report by measuring the impact of all our activities on the environment.

As a matter of fact, simply measuring and monitoring our energy consumption isn’t enough anymore. Today, it is essential to set up within the company a real strategy to reduce our carbon emissions.

Carbone® Balance consists of accounting for the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) related to the activities of Aprico Consultants. Within the broadest possible perimeter, we have been able to determine the CO2 emissions of all the flows of our company.

Aprico’s Most important domains


Aprico - Global emissions

The distribution of our emissions will allow us to set up, together with our employees, actions in order to globally reduce our CO2 emissions.



Carbon neutral!

Aprico Consultants has decided to go even further and to compensate for the balance of its emissions, by planting 14.200 trees through the NGO Graine de Vie. By doing so, we wanted to show our commitment to reduce the climate change and to perform 100% CO2 neutral activities.


The NGO Graine de Vie!

Graine de Vie is a Belgian NGO which aims to compensate for the ecological footprint of the inhabitants of our industrialized countries, by planting trees in developing countries. Graine de Vie has already enabled the planting of more than 15.000.000 trees in Madagascar, on more than 150 reforestation sites.


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