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Are you ready to face the digital challenge?

Aprico Consultants is a leading hands-on ICT strategy and management consultancy based in Brussels, Belgium.

We offer high-value services and solutions in strategy, ICT transformation and business process applications that reduce overall IT expenditures and improve business performance and operational productivity.

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Smart Transformation

Aprico Consultants is an established ICT consultancy that steers the strategy and ICT transformation aimed at boosting your organization’s performance, productivity and competitiveness.

We combine deep expertise with understanding, experience and end-to-end capabilities across all industries, from consulting to solution delivery. We are thus able to provide tailored size and pragmatical solutions targeting efficienty and profitability.

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Lean Management

Aprico Consultants maximizes your Information System value with fewer resources.

We deliver client-oriented services that challenge the traditional way things are done. Our approach is resolutely lean, avoiding any unnecessary step in each work activity, and continuously searching for potential improvements. Our work is rigorous and based on the best practices from various methodologies. Our solutions are pragmatic, focused on creating more value for your organization. The result is a high quality support to your transformation initiatives. We will help your organization meet the challenges of ICT transformation through

  • Program and project management
  • Change management

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Agile Delivery

Aprico Consultants accelerates delivery with you in control.

You will experience rapid delivery of your application in complete functional components. And because your requirements may vary as iterations progress, Agile delivery allows you to manage change priorities and validation throughout the development project, giving you ownership and control.

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Aprico is helping Medasys in the development of a mobile app designed to collect documents from hospital patients.

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Aprico Bonitasoft Campaign

Looking for a global BPM Solution to adapt easily
in real time as your business processes change?

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Get mean, get lean.

Find out how lean management maximizes your IT resources to create the flexibility
and speed your operation needs to respond to change.

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Latest Article

Do More with Less: It’s Good for Business.

Companies today operate in a highly dynamic environment: new technologies emerge, regulations change, new forms of competition arise… The pressure is on to boost everything from operational efficiency and customer engagement to quality of service.

Bruno van Marsenille

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