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May 8th, 2018

As the Opérateur des Réseaux d’Energies (ORES) deploys an EAI integration tool as part of its ambitious digital transformation initiative, its IT department relies extensively on Aprico Consultants teams – for both development and technical support professionals. The teams deliver significant value to the ORES organization’s lines of business.

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As early as 2010, ORES had decided to implement an EAI solution to support the exchange of data across multiple heterogeneous applications, as part of a global enterprise architecture. At the time, the Company opted for Microsoft’s BizTalk. “We didn’t have the internal resources for implementing and managing this type of architecture in those days”, says the ORES CIO, Benoît Medaets. But in 2017, the company initiated a large transformation project that aimed to modernize up to eighty percent of its legacy applications. This program required assistance from external partners.

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