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Observability at the heart of digital transformation

Digital transformation

When talking about digital transformation, we are talking about an explosion in the volumes of data to be treated as well as the need to manage processes that are now virtualized. By giving the user a process analysis methodology through observability, Elasticsearch makes IT more transparent and predictive, contributing therefore to the success of digital transformation. Elasticsearch is now distributed by Aprico Consultants.

As part of the digital transformation journey, companies are implementing new processes based on increasingly complex infrastructures and applications, be it the cloud, distributed and multilayered platforms and services, or even microservices and containers in particular.

At the same time, IT must always be more efficient, more stable and more predictable.



To achieve this, it is necessary to closely monitor and observe the metrics and data sets associated with the functionality of computer systems. And that’s precisely what observability is all about: the ability to infer the internal conditions of a system from its external outputs. In control theory, this observability goes hand in hand with controllability (monitoring), namely the ability to control the internal states of a system based on internal inputs. In other words, observability consists in accessing the data of a system that you want to follow, then collecting, viewing and analyzing it. Because once the data has been collected using a tool, it is necessary to perform a manual or – preferably – automated analysis to draw conclusions and take any necessary corrective measures.

Observability is therefore a new approach aimed at rethinking the models and methods of monitoring information systems in order to adapt them to current realities, in particular the cloud and virtualization. In short, it is a question of monitoring any event likely to impede the proper functioning of an organization, what some call the “unknown unknowns” of the IT environment: these facts of which we are not aware, that we do not understand or do not monitor.



Making optimal use of observability requires solid expertise and a perfect understanding of the principles of distributed architecture. To help its customers deploy such a solution, Aprico has entered into a strategic partnership with Elasticsearch.

When dealing with a NoSQL database that allows you to search on any type of document thanks to a strongly text-oriented indexing, Elasticsearch also offers a tool that allows you to put the user (i.e. the IT department) ) at the center of the processes and data. Thanks to its observability function, the Elasticsearch solution offers dashboards and information allowing all actors involved to have a clear vision of the processes. A business and not a technological vision, adapted to the level of understanding and/or competence of the user concerned, thus making the processes more transparent. Similarly, Elasticsearch makes it possible to manage the information provided to the various stakeholders, to adapt the form given to that information through user interfaces, and to anticipate potential problems in the processes. Beyond the implementation of the tool, it will also be necessary to communicate on the deployment of the solution, to train its users, to document the project and to support the change.

When facing the competition, Aprico considers that Elasticsearch stands out less in terms of functionality than by its pricing structure. Indeed, the Elastic Stack is an open solution, without price barrier, its pricing based on the processor and offered as a technological solution.


Added value

Capitalizing on its experience of almost ten years with the Elasticsearch solution, Aprico can make the most of several references, whether with the open source or enterprise version of the solution. Adding to that, we also have references for the development of IT solutions and monitoring in production.

Aprico can help you on all aspects related to the introduction of Elasticsearch by providing you with a multidisciplinary team, capable of defining your needs, setting up the project and providing support to your organizational change. In addition, the skills of the Aprico teams, both in Belgium and in our software factory in Tunisia, can guarantee a rapid deployment of the solution and competitive prices.

In addition, Aprico can support your technical teams in the technical design of the platform, in particular by providing architectural considerations concerning the structuring of the data. Finally, beyond the technical aspects, Aprico can take charge of change management, training and the transfer of technological know-how.

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