3 things to do (and prepare for) when arriving at a client for the first time

October 16th, 2016  by Reyana Sow

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Below you will find 3 “must-prepare” actions to keep in mind for the first day at a new job/client…
Introduce yourself
Prepare to introduce yourself a multitude of times during the first days. You will be introduced to a lot of people within your team, your department and even other departments of the company. It shouldn’t take more than 2 to 4 minutes. State your main skills, your best achievements and at least why you have been hired. This stage is crucial and the first impression you’ll leave with people will stick. Do not mess with it. Do not forget to smile and afterwards try to remember the names of your colleagues.
Locate yourself within the building
Once you have your badge try to situate your location. Who is sitting next to you, where are the exits and the restaurant, the toilets and, most important, the printer and IT support. Try also to identify the working environment: where is the boss, the assistant, the top management level places. You might need them in the future.
Be independent quickly
Do not hesitate to ask questions on how things work the first day. But one thing your team will really appreciate is that you do not disturb them after the second day. Get up from your chair and try to find out why you still did not receive your PC, get your password and start to configure your tools alone… be proactive, try to locate the right people and solve your own problems. With this is mind, you should be ready to meet your client and have a great first day at work.
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