Looking for a global BPM Solution to adapt easily
in real time as your business processes change?

Applications built on flexible, extensible BPM
technology to adapt easily in real time as your
business processes evolve?

" We need to be flexible, we
need to be accurate and we
need to keep quality high.
That's why we have developed
the Lighthouse platform on
Bonita BPM with Aprico "

Erik Wolfs, IT Director, Coreso
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Powerful business applications…


When the business challenges you face need better business processes and applications – to successfully drive your organization, to formalise and automate critical processes, to achieve internal and external efficiency – Aprico Consultants brings everything you need. From business process analysis and workflow modeling to state-of-the-art application design, Aprico Consultants will help you boost your organization’s process, performance and productivity. Aprico Consultants is an established ICT consultancy that drives strategy and ICT transformation aimed at boosting your organization’s processes, performance and productivity.

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…On a powerful platform


The Bonita platform fully supports unique enterprise, teams and end user needs. With this flexible, extensible application platform, Aprico Consultants build fully personalized, easily maintainable “living applications” uniquely for you, integrated with your existing information systems to deliver the great user experiences and operational efficiency you need.

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