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décembre 19th, 2018

How to turn virtual reality into a real reality for your business?

Thanks to video games, the general public got to know virtual reality first. Today, virtual reality also starts making waves in the industry, with a number of really practical and value-added applications for companies.

Bruno van Marsenille

décembre 4th, 2018

Aprico hires and retains only the best talent

To guarantee operational excellence to its clients, Aprico Consultants developed a selection process for new hires based on a simple principle: we are looking for employees who are not only the most competent, but also able to deliver.

François Chabot Solution Architect

novembre 26th, 2018

IoT relies on integration

When you – like 60% of all companies – are planning an IoT project, be aware that integration is the main challenge. And as the IT and business capabilities you need are rare, you really can’t go without a technology partner.

Bruno van Marsenille

octobre 10th, 2018

New Expert

Meet on of our experts:
Thomas Ashdown

Account Manager

octobre 8th, 2018

AI: a true added value for your company

AI: it’s now or never!

Bruno van Marsenille

septembre 10th, 2018

Blockchain: where are the real business applications?

Best known as the technology behind virtual currencies such as bitcoin, blockchain now also starts making waves in other industries. Despite being only pilot projects so far, they clearly display the advantages that could speed up the roll-out of blockchain on a large scale.

Marc Husquinet

août 21st, 2018

Will chatbots replace your mobile apps tomorrow?

Chatbots: artificial intelligence takes shape

Bruno van Marsenille

juillet 27th, 2018

La maturité agile passe par l’excellence technologique (9ème principe du manifeste Agile)

Face aux méthodologies classiques de développement du style cascade ou (semi-)itératif, les organisations sont de plus nombreuses à se tourner vers les méthodologies agiles, estimant que celles-ci leur permettraient de réduire les délais de mise en production d’applications (le fameux time-to-market).

Thierry Scalco - Solution Architect

juin 6th, 2018

What to choose: Adaptive Case Management or Business Process Management?

The rise of Adaptive Case Management (ACM) solutions – which started somewhere around 2010 – led to a lot of questions about the value of BPM (Business Process Management). But what’s the real debate? Are the two approaches opposed to each other or complementary?

Geoffroy Simon

mai 8th, 2018

New testimonial

« Aprico’s Consultants provide Creativity and Agility »

To acquire specific IT expertise and skills, ORES solicited several RFP bids– in compliance with inter-community jurisdiction regulations. Aprico Consultants was awarded several individual lots in the program for helping ORES develop and maintain its EAI platform and applications, and manage its technical infrastructure.