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juin 6th, 2018

What to choose: Adaptive Case Management or Business Process Management?

The rise of Adaptive Case Management (ACM) solutions – which started somewhere around 2010 – led to a lot of questions about the value of BPM (Business Process Management). But what’s the real debate? Are the two approaches opposed to each other or complementary?

Geoffroy Simon

mai 8th, 2018

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« Aprico’s Consultants provide Creativity and Agility »

To acquire specific IT expertise and skills, ORES solicited several RFP bids– in compliance with inter-community jurisdiction regulations. Aprico Consultants was awarded several individual lots in the program for helping ORES develop and maintain its EAI platform and applications, and manage its technical infrastructure.

mai 4th, 2018

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Agence du Numérique, Project Management based on Agile methodologies (SCRUM – KANBAN)

Aprico Consultants accompanies the Chèques-Entreprises in their digital transformation. Project Management based on Agile methodologies (SCRUM - KANBAN) led by Stéphane Vince, IT Manager & Senior Expert.

avril 20th, 2018

Adopting mobile technologies enables competitiveness

Thanks to networks and modern means of communication, frontiers and distances no longer exist. In this world, every business needs to provide its employees and commercial partners with secure access to information systems, at any moment and at any place. Today, businesses produce added value wherever their employees are. And those employees can literally be anywhere, as they happen to be more and more mobile. The development of mobile technologies forces them to integrate new tools into their way of working, to make sure they keep their competitive edge.

Thomas Ashdown

février 13th, 2018

Do More with Less: It’s Good for Business.

Companies today operate in a highly dynamic environment: new technologies emerge, regulations change, new forms of competition arise… The pressure is on to boost everything from operational efficiency and customer engagement to quality of service.

Bruno van Marsenille

janvier 12th, 2018

Follow the Formula for Agile Development

If Agile Development is a hot topic these days, it’s for good reasons. Fast-changing customer requirements, cost overruns and delays call for profound changes in software development. New project management frameworks are needed to adapt to changing conditions and release software more frequently.

Bruno van Marsenille

novembre 28th, 2017

BPM Done Right

What is BPM Done Right? Today, organizations have countless legacy systems and applications that need to be modernized. Their processes are critical for day-to-day business, from customer onboarding and order processing product or service delivery to exception handling and regulatory compliance.

By Geoffroy Simon

novembre 21st, 2017

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octobre 25th, 2017

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Geoffroy Simon

Change Manager

octobre 20th, 2017

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Alain Deschamps

Infrastructure Architect